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Jurong Frog Farm: Frog in the well hops into your claypot!

Hiya dudes! After a week’s hiatus, we decided to get closer to the wild outdoors of our sunny island, and we arrive at the Jurong Frog Farm because XL says she wants something ‘special’, and I honestly don’t know if this is ‘special’ enough for her, but I guess a farm full of American Bull Frogs should do the trick! (Kill me please if this is not good enough for her, it’s alright if you readers out there like it 🙂

OK! This is how the frog pen looks like, kindda big because each pen is home to so-many-till-i-lost-count number of frogs, and yes XL is smiling, I guess she must be satisfied 🙂

$1 worth of frog food gets you a small packet of pellets to feed the frog

Pellet launched.

One Pellet Away!

Apparently some frogs (read: almost all) aren’t enthusiastic, hence the disclaimer

We caught these 2 *ahem ahem* away, OK we get the message.

Bull frog tadpoles, pretty big!

Like a boss!

Another one of the farm’s produce, freshwater patin fish

Tilapia is also on the menu!

And yes, this is the gist of our farm visit. The frogs here are reared for consumption, mainly for out favourite frog porridge, as well as for the snow jelly dessert (hashima). For that reason, the frogs are of only a single species. So those who are disappointed that there is a lack of variety of animals, do note that this is a commercial farm, and not a reptilian park.

Admission is free and you can walk around the farm by yourselves, as advised by their friendly staff. However, to fully understand the operations of the farm and handle the frogs etc (see below flowchart for more info), it would be advisable to go for one of those guided tours. For more info, refer here.

Besides the farm tours, you can also purchase some of the farm produce such as the frogs and fish. On certain days, the staff may offer some cooked food, which can be purchased and consumed on the spot (for the non-cooking folks out there)

As noted from the chart above, certain tours require a minimum group size of 20 pax. This was the unfortunate situation which we faced today….. And…. to avoid future disappointment of all of you, we have decided to collate groups of 20 or more so that you guys can enjoy the tours instead of simply milling around helplessly. *Disclaimer: Do leave your actual name, contact number, group size and intended date of visit. We do not guarantee that there would be a minimum group size of 20; and in the event that we do not gather 20 pax or more, we are in no way responsible for it since this service is provided on our own goodwill (meaning FOC). Once the group is confirmed, we will link you guys up, where you guys can then contact each other to confirm the type of tour and the date of intended visit. 🙂 So do be nice and not cancel the appointment at the last moment because many others are dependent on you to make the tour possible 🙂

As I’ve mentioned earlier, if you do not sign up for any of the tours, you will not gain much information about the farm and their produce. TO fully maximise the experience, the best time for the tour would be around 10am in the morning.

So there, we are done with Mr Frog; those poor souls we see today should land up in somebody’s claypot soon 😦

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