Who are we?

elson is actually the son of a long lost tycoon who disappeared one day while flying over the Bahamas, into a wormhole that some said led him into the world where Loki came from.

XL is the youngest daughter of the mystical Pharoah of Egypt, thought many proclaimed the pharoahs a thing of the past who were rumoured to have been overthrown by Hosni Mubarak’s henchmen.

Having met in the paradise island of Singapore (ehhh correct anot ah?!), they inherited a fleet of McLaren MP4-12Cs and Pagani Huayras, and had their humble abode located right at the submit of Mount Bukit Timah, an intimidating 163.63m above sea-level (walau really not, so high meh?!) They enjoyed the high life, and were the favourite couple of the Tatler’s photographers. They had joy, they had fun, they had seasons in the sun, and they live happily every after.

Yea Rite dude. Cool Story bro, whudda heck are you kidding?

Yup, yea right indeed. Truth is out, elson and XL are your typical poor undergrads, currently studying Accountancy at NUS, who find the dearth of cheap/affordable entertainment in Singapore something o moan about. Yes guys, true story. We have been to most of the attractions in Singapore (or so we thought) that are boyfriend/wallet friendly, and we simply can’t think of anywhere that is worth going (or so we thought again).

We are currently in the midst of doing audit internships, and you know how boringgggg audit can be. Every weekend we were supposed to Carpe Diem (seize the day), and head out for some fun that does relatively a low amount of damage to our wallets. We chose Sentosa (bad idea). Upon entering the sunny island, we realized that it was an extremely touristy place; we wanted to visit the UnderwaterWorld, but it costs a whopping $25.80 per pax just for a short moment of entertainment. To even enter the Fort Siloso, one has to pay $8/person for the buggy ride ( it used to be free ). True story.

Yada yada yada. We had to save, period. The rest was history and we went home without visiting any single attraction that day. That got us thinking, can we do more?

And that is what this blog is about! We will be constantly on the hunt for many many many more places that charges very low admission rates (even free) that promises value beyond your wildest dreams. Tucked into sleepy alleys and corners, we will nudge these beauties out one by one and share it with everyone, at no cost at all!

Of course, leave us your most valued comments, and do share with us any attractions we might have misses out! 😉

So we will leave you guys here. The busy beavers need to burrow and dig for more treasures for everyone!

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