Layang Layang 2012 @ Marina Barrage: The Kite Runner

So on this (rather) eventless weekend, we head down to the Marina Barrage for a touch of breeze, and also to attend PUB’s kite flying event, Layang Layang 2012. And Layang means ‘kite’. As stated in the PUB Website, there is a whole slew of events for the entire day. Is it true?

In our honest opinion, when we reached the location @ 2pm (when most of the main events would’ve started), we sighted some kites up in the sky, while some are still WIP (work in progress). On the ground level, there are some demonstrators randomly flying some kites at low altitudes, and totally not interacting with the crowd. Big boo boo we feel. However, it soon started to rain (drizzle actually), and the kite flyers headed for an intermission in the shelters, and everything seemed rather abandoned. In short, if you’re an avid kite-flyer, there is no need to specially attend this event, because there is nothing special that you can get to learn. If you are bringing your family along, there isn’t much to see because the event organisers did not seem keen to interact with anyone. One redeeming factor though is the kite making event they have; an interesting novelty for children nonetheless.

The highlight of the event had got to be the Mega Kite Flying Display on Sunday from 1630 – 1700, there could be many magnificent and interesting kites on display. But if so, then we feel that the duration of this particular segment could have been a little too short.

We discovered one interesting fact though, it seemed to be a good event for photographers to snap away, as we have done in the photos below. Enjoy!

Spongebob kite! (:

Kite making area

Stunt area. Erm… not too interesting in our opinion

‘Say Hi to doggie’

The Good :

  • Free family fun, great for children who want to fly their kites (but well, we don’t actually need to have an event to be able to fly them)

The Bad:

  • Poor organisation of event, attempt by event organisers to interact with the crowd could have been improved, does not really invoke interest in kite flying.


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