TGIF! What to do this weekend?!

Another week has past, and as the weeks past, one shouldn’t let his life past him by without doing something FUN! We had an eventful weekend last week, what with the grand opening of the Gardens by the Bay and the Formula Drift event in Changi!

And this week, we are back for more, though we feel that there isn’t going to be any very special events this week, unlike last week. But hey, that’s the beauty about life, it’s unpredictability, spontaneity and how we react to the circumstances.

As some wise folks once said (OK I might have made this up), when we revisit a scene, re-read a book, re-live an experience, we gain different insights, dimensions and perspectives. With this fact in mind, we shall be re-visiting a scene from last week. Guess where?! Hint hint:

YES! We shall be re-visiting the Gardens by the Bay, but this time round with the Sun still hanging high, and we shall be visiting the paid conservatories this time round! So watch this space, it will be updated with plenty of pictures!

Anyone remember Marina South? The (pretty) derelict plot of land lying way south of sg, which serves up a kick-ass cheap all-you-can-eat steamboat, bowling alleys, arcades, and of course, kite flying! A sense of nostalgia tickles me whenever an image of a kite comes into my mind; I will never forget the place where my parents will bring me to ‘put layang’, aka fly a kite.

This photo was taken from and I’m sure it brings back much memories for you, as it has for me.

Nowadays, with the development in Marina South, the new haunt for kite-flying is now either in Sengkang and Punggol, or the Marina Barrage. And it so happens that there will be an event specially for kite flyers, ‘Layang Layang’, this weekend. It is organised by the PUB and admission is totally… as usual from us, FREE!

The main programs are as follows:

Eco Wind Garden Workshop

Make your own windmills and plants out of recyclable materials and plant them in our “Wind Garden”

 Kite Flying Workshop

Learn how to take over the sky with the right kite flying techniques and tricks.

Kite Making Workshop

Design and craft your own kites with eco-friendly materials. Express your artistic side and make your very own kite!

Lolli- Drop

A fun activity for kids where they can catch mini parachutes with sweets attached! Over 100 mini parachutes will be dropped each time!

International Fliers

A group of international fliers from different countries will be present to display their beautiful kites, demonstrate their kite skills and show off with stunt displays.

More details here!

So we hope to see you there! 😀

Have a great Friday and a great weekend everyone!

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