TGIF! What to do this weekend!

OK, something to change our mood from work into play! NO MORE AUDIT (yea rite, for this weekend at least.)

For those movie buffs, there are at least 3 blockbusters showing in cinemas, I’m sure you know them by now, The Amazing Spiderman, Madagascar 3 and The Dictator. Yours truly wants to watch The Dictator, but the girlfriend says Spidey, so yea as usual the girlfriend wins. 😦 Anyway, don’t just hide in the cinema yea, lots and lots and lots will be happening this weekend, and we will be heading down to those happenings!

This is gonna be one hell of a happening weekend indeed! First off, we have the grand opening of the much hyped about Gardens by the Bay! The PM just opened it officially tonight, and Jason Mraz and Corrine May will be down tomorrow for their concerts *EGGCITEDDD* Yep, actually we are god damn excited about this garden, even though we do not have green fingers. Actually we went down one whole month before the official opening, but was turned away by security because well, it was not completed lah! So now, finally it is, so we will be down tomorrow to see if it lives up to its hype. Admission for certain locations within the park is free. So yea, pretty budget friendly. More details about prices to certain conservatories.

Enough for the night it seems, because on Saturday, it is the Achilles Formula Drift day! Yea F1 is generating a bigger hype, but being a fan of drifting, this is something we can never see Fernando Alonso doing. (Duh, obviously. How can we expect F1 cars to drift) Basically, there will be the usual car events, stationary display as well as racy race queens. So head on down to Changi for this event! (for those who have yet to get your tickets, be there early at the SISTIC booth, there still might be tickets available for this event, so cya there!) Details of the event here.  Ticketing details here. For those who own a HSBC credit card, you get a 10% discount but deadline is tomorrow the 29th, so be quick or be prepared to lose it! Fastest fingers first guys! Price is only $30 for walkabout tickets, and considering that you have a whole, yes one entire day in the company of the sun, babes and fast car, hey it is quite a good deal yea?

OK, these are the pictures of the past year and similar events held around the region. We shall publish our personal review and photographs after attending the event.

For those who are interested in lobbying for the rights of homosexuals in Singapore, there is indeed a very rare and opportune moment for you to do so on Saturday. A group of lobbyist called Pinkdot SG, who are concerned about the welfare and societal treatment of LBGT (lesbians, bisexuals, gays and transsexuals) are holding a concert in Hong Lim Park Speakers Corner at 6pm! Performers include Drag Queen Kumar, Lim Yu Beng, Sharon Au and Pam Oei.  Unfortunately we can’t be there due to Formula Drift. But it is an admirable act that people who feel strongly about the status quo pertaining to LBGT are stepping up to air their views in public. So if you are supportive of such a cause, do make your presence felt by dressing up in Pink! Details of the event here.

Hokay, these are the 3 most major events happening this week,h ope to cya guys and do say hi to us if you see us!

TGIF For the WinnnnN!!  elson signing off 😀

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